That wall art, believe it or not, is probably one of the first things you will notice when you walk into a house or room?

Getting inspired or knowing what to hang in your own house can be a challenge. Where to start looking, what to choose, how much should you spend etc. These are all legitimate questions. When out and about I’m always aware of what people are doing with their walls, be it commercial or private residences. has made a name for itself in providing a really unique service for affordable original art. With our own original approach to dealing with our clients, we bring the art right into your home where you get an owner’s perspective right there in your living room of what the oil painting will really look like.

These are all hand-painted pieces of art so you really get to see the workmanship, textures, brushwork and markings, vibrant colours and most importantly how it looks in actual.

What are the advantages of having a piece of wall ART from Artworld in your home?

wall art pictures from Cathal's Clients

1. With our service we can help integrate your room colours to accommodate the right piece of art that will complement your room.

It’s all in the details! The paintings on your wall say more about you than you think. Having an original hand-painted piece of art in your home is a step up from having a print, poster or photograph. Not that there’s anything wrong with those but a painting has a real presence on the wall.

The colours used in the painting, the textures and markings and the composition all contribute to creating a vibrant piece of wall art that will stand out and create a focal point in the room. specialise in large abstract oil paintings, and local familiar scenes such as Dublin landmarks like the Hapenny Bridge, Trinity College, Stephens, and Irish landscapes. We also cater for special commissions whether to integrate an interior design feature or a favourite place such as Howth Head, Skerries or your own home for example.

2. It finishes your interior decor

You don’t want to be looking at a blank wall right?


Far from just filling a blank wall, Artworld takes great care to help you pick the correct piece of art for your sitting room, hall, landing or bedroom.

In fact, you can download our short book on “How to pick the correct piece of art for your room” on our website.

The appropriate wall art or painting placed in the right position can help to transform a neutral or sterile-looking room into a vibrant one. We have helped numerous Irish customers compliment their homes with our extensive range of oil paintings and our unique art service.

3. It can help you introduce colour into a room

bedroom wall art, vibrant colour

As a homeowner and a fellow artist, I have found that a painting is a great way to compliment the other interior features of the room such as curtain and furniture colours. It also lends itself to introducing colour in a really controlled way.

Reds, vibrant purples, yellows and blues are always attractive and bold choices but can be hard to use in a room regarding wall colours or furniture but you can easily facilitate those colours in a painting. The image of the room above is a perfect example of this.

Cool grey wall colours can immediately be lifted with the vibrancy of the painting supplied by Artworld depicting the four courts and the River Liffey.

4. It lifts the room and your mood

When we view something visually appealing, it immediately improves our mood. It doesn’t matter if it’s a breathtaking view of where you grew up or a glimpse of the sea from a sandy beach; it’s all wonderful for the soul. Bringing a piece of art into the home can really help to create a relaxing environment.

You may simply enjoy the visual experience of the finished artwork, or you maybe love the colour, the artists’ skill and use of technique but whatever it is it all adds to the wonder and beauty of art, and having that in your room is the real finishing touch.


Where To Find Large Affordable Wall Art Oil Paintings In Ireland

If you want to go shopping online for large, stylish, affordable hand-painted wall art in Ireland and your preferred choice is a landscape painting, an Irish street scene, or even an abstract painting, we have it. has over 20 years of experience and offers an unbelievable service when it comes to finding an online Art retailer near you. My name is Cathal Spelman and I am a painter based in Laois and have been servicing the counties Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow Carlow and Limerick.

I offer large wall art that comes with a frame and I also deliver it to your doorstep for FREE and hang the wall art for FREE as well. You also don’t need to worry if you live overseas, as I also offer delivery worldwide with your painting in a secure tube at a reasonable price!

Our website is built with the most up-to-date software so we can ensure you that your details and payments are all secure. You can contact us at or book your viewing appointment if you leave nearby.

adrian painted

Commissioned Paintings 

I also accept oil painting commissions of a favourite landmark or indeed a portrait. You can book an appointment if you would like to discuss the project. This is especially the case if you want a large painting for a specific wall.

During the consultation, I will help you with ideas using suggestions and examples from our media library on a laptop. You will know the size, style and price before any work starts. Typically the price is a bit higher than a painting we already have in stock.