When it comes to choosing the right oil painting on canvas art for your home, you may feel a little overwhelmed or not sure where to start. Cathal Spelman from Artworld explains that one of the main obstacles people have when choosing their art is the selection and not being sure whether it will work in the room or not.

“This is essentially how our business Artworld came to be”, he says in providing a service that allows people to see the painting in the room where it will hang and to provide a varied and large selection not to limit choice or style.

“Finding that kind of service is not easy as most galleries will not bring their art to you”, you must pick it out on the day and hope for the best! We have developed our whole business around this fact and we are flying it. We have supplied oil paintings on canvas to homes in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath and indeed all over Ireland.

As someone who has been in this space for over 20 years as both an artist and retail supplier of art to Irish homes, I gathered these tips so you can choose your next oil painting with confidence.

framed oil painting

Image from Cathal Spelman’s client

1. Get to see the painting in the room before you make your choice.

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing oil painting on canvas art is to see it in the room where it will hang. This immediately eliminates doubt about whether it will fit into your already established decor. The location and the wall space available are also important. Large artworks are required if you have large walls and this is our speciality.

If you prefer beautiful wide paintings, Artworld.ie specialises in large oil paintings that can look great behind a sofa or on a long wall in a hallway.

Large format oil paintings are impactful and immediately make a statement.

As it is a piece of art it has a presence and if chosen correctly will enhance the space and its surroundings giving that final touch to finish the room’s decor.

frame oil painting wall art

Image from Cathal Spelman’s client

2. Choosing the right oil painting colours

Colours on oil painting on canvas as we all know can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of a room or space. Art helps in creating the right look that you want for your space through a combination of colour, vibrancy, composition, size to name some of the attributes of a nice painting but the colour of the painting more than anything will be the making or breaking of whether it fits in with your decor or not.

We can help you with this, offering you a number of choices either from our large stock of ready to go oil paintings on canvas or indeed a specially commissioned piece for that really unique finish to your room.

oil painting on canvas

Image from Cathal Spelman’s client

3. Consider the style and type of painting you are going to hang


As you know oil painting on canvas can be made in a variety of styles and mediums and picking something that appeals to you is all part of the fun. It might be the paint texture, the bold brushstrokes or the sculpted palette knife markings that appeal to you. If you use the same sort of art in every room, it may easily become a hotel lobby rather than a house that reflects the personalities of the people who live there.

Artworld prides itself in carrying a variety of large affordable artworks from different artists which gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of styles and compositions or indeed the option to commission your own composition.  Now that you have decided on the location, size, oil painting colour and the type of wall art you want to hang you may also want to consider the style.

There are different kinds of art such as abstract art, modernism, expressionism, impressionism, surrealism and much much more but what really matters is what you like. You will know instinctively what appeals to you and that is always a good yardstick in our opinion.

Here at Artworld.ie, abstract expressionism is my personal favourite kind of art as this represents an artistic expression of reality that is illustrated but not in its truest form.

oil painting on canvas

Image from Cathal Spelman’s client

5. The finishing touch – Oil Painting on Canvas is up on the wall

The artwork you choose can be an inspiration for colour but even more than that it can set the mood. Choosing a colour scheme will have a significant impact on the overall ambience of the area.

Do you want to unwind? Light, calm blues and greens are ideal. Do you want to make a statement? Purple or navy are super-rich tones to use.

Wall art can also be used to give a splash of colour to a space. Using bright red, yellow, or orange tones in the painting to make your room stand out is a perfectly controlled way to introduce colour to a room without the overkill.

It’s also crucial that your wall art matches your general colour scheme, says Cathal to avoid the appearance of a cluttered room. Choose wall decor that compliments the rest of the space.

Does Artworld have a walk-in Gallery space?

Artworld.ie doesn’t have a physical store that you can visit, but what we have is better! We have a mobile gallery. I am based close to Dublin which positions me perfectly for visiting our client’s homes. With each appointment, you get to see the paintings in your own room where they will hang and you will quickly see if the oil painting works or not. Our whole business is built around this unique service.

The secret is that the paintings are not framed yet, so I can show you the entire collection in your home. If you find one you like, you can choose a frame, and I deliver it framed a week later. I offer viewing services to counties such as Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath, Louth, Kilkenny, Carlow and Laois.

You can book your free viewing session with Artworld.ie’s artist Cathal Spelman here for a truly unique experience and hopefully a solution to your bare wall problem.

Oil Paintings on Canvas for sale

Are you for affordable oil painting on canvas? I specialise in large-format oil paintings and with hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Ireland we are experts in this area. We deliberately keep the price of our large oil paintings affordable by directly bypassing galleries and the middle man.

I also offer a very competitive framing service to all my customers, and that’s not all! You won’t pay any delivery fee as I will also deliver it to your doorstep FREE and will hang it on your wall for FREE as well! Pretty good deal right? If you are having second thoughts about where to hang your painting,

I can even give you advice on where to put the oil painting of your choice. If you are an overseas client, do not worry as I offer to ship worldwide, but the painting is not framed to avoid damages.