We get beautiful oil paintings from  many different artists and bring them to you.

Hi, Cathal here. We’ve got lots of customers, especially around Dublin, Kildare, and Wicklow. We bring beautiful paintings for you to see at your home. Its like a travelling artshow.

Our Speciality is beautiful LARGE oil paintings that can look great behind a sofa, on a long wall in a hallway, in a kitchen, or over a bed. Many of our paintings are FOUR feet wide!

You get to see the paintings in the room where they will hang, which is great, you will quickly see if it works.

Its like the art gallery comes to you!

We visit Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow every week. Other areas by appointment.

Have a look at some photos here of beautiful large paintings.

And by the way, very affordable. You can get a HUGE 2foot x 4foot painting for around €290. And that includes framing, delivery, and we even hang it on the wall for you!

The best way to see our paintings is to book an appointment to view in your own home.