Frequently Asked Questions

How big are these paintings?

As all are hand painted, we can get paintings in any size. But our most popular size is a very large 60x120cm (2ftx4ft). Its really big, but it can look great behind a sofa, or sometimes in a hallway, or kitchen. Of course, we have smaller paintings, and even bigger ones too.

How much does it cost?

That’s some good news for you. Our very large 60x120cm (2ftx4ft) paintings are just €290. AND, that includes your choice of painting, your choice of framing, delivery, and we even hang your painting for you. All included. Part of the reason we can do a large framed oil painting so affordably, is that we have our own framing workshop where we custom make your frame.

Is there a hard sell?

The paintings sell themselves. If You see one that you like, you will know it. We just concentrate on having really nice paintings you can afford. We understand that sometimes you just want a “first look”, and that’s fine, we love to show off our lovely collection. It doesn’t take long to look.

Who paints the oil paintings?

We have contacts with artists from Ireland and around the world. They are not famous artists, but are competent professionals.

What is the benefit of looking at home?

Real hand painted oil paintings have vibrant colour and three dimensional texture that you cannot appreciate online. Its an experience to see and even touch a real oil painting. You will also be more adventurous because you can check the size, colours and size actually work in your home.

How long does the appointment take ?

We can show you 20 paintings in 10 minutes. The secret is the paintings are not framed yet, so you can easily see them. You can take as long as you like to then look at the ones you like most.

How does ordering a paintng work?

Its very simple and easy. You choose one you like, choose your frame style. No need for a deposit. We then take away the painting for framing. We then return with your framed painting and hang it for you. Framing takes 1-2 weeks. Once your framed painting is hanging beautifully, we get paid.

Can you do a special commission?

Yes, about 20% of our work is by special request. There may be a place that means a lot to you, and you can have it painted. So we have done paintings of Dublin, Galway, Fastnet Rock, Portmarnock, San Francisco, and more. A special commission will cost a little more than a painting we have, but not a lot.