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Hi, Cathal Spelman here. As well as painting a lot of the art you see at, I also oversee our framing. Unfortunately, we can’t offer framing to overseas customers, because the framed painting becomes too delicate. However, if you’re overseas you can see here how it is best done. If you’re in Ireland, this will help you to choose your frame style.

All of our paintings are on canvas. Oil on Canvas paintings look best when they are stretched tight over a stretching frame. This allows the painting to be framed without glass. This really helps you to enjoy the painting, as you don’t have the reflection of the glass interfering.

To frame your painting we make a stretching frame to the exact size of your painting. They are all different as they are hand painted. All the artists seem to have different measuring tapes! But we make your frame to suit your painting. As our paintings are very large, this usually involves re-inforcing the stretching frame, so you get a perfect result.

Then we make the frame of your choice


Canvas stretching
Framing Pictures
Floating Frame
Silver Gold Frame

How to choose your frame: Two main things to choose, colour and style.


1. Colour

Whatever Colour is in the frame brings that colour out of the painting. By far the most popular colour chosen is white, and for good reason. A white frame brings out the light highlights in your painting, and contrasts well with the colours. Also looks good in contemporary rooms.

Other colours: Our silver gold frame is quite light, with a metallic finish. It has flecks of gold. More dressy than our white frames. Not available in floating frame.

Our Ebony black frame can look good, if the painting is very light, with only small dark elements. Otherwise it could make the painting look dark.

2. Frame style

With a stretch canvas, you can choose from either a traditional frame that sits on the painting. This can be flat, curved or you can choose a floating frame, where the canvas sits inside an L shaped frame that shows off the stretched canvas. With a floating frame we wrap some of the painting to left and right, so you can see the painted edge as you go past. You can see examples of floating frames on this page.

For this reason, a painting in a floating frame is a little smaller to the front by 4cm, as there is 2cm on show at each side.Rule of thumb: A floating frame is worth considering in a hallway where you see it from the side a lot.Otherwise a flat frame is best if you mostly see it from the front.


Our Four Most Popular Framing Styles Here

Framed Paintings

Our Hanging & Delivery Service Is Free of Charge with framing. (Ireland and Northern Ireland only)

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