Have You Ever Wanted To Commision an Oil Painting but Thought It Was Going To Be Really Expensive?

You may like to have an Oil Painting of a subject that is dear to you. It may be a special place, or a special person. Or it could be a style and colours that you would love to have. Many of our customers have chosen a special subject and we have had it painted for them. You can see the excellent quality below.

landscape photo

Landscape photo

Commission landscape

Landscape painted

Commissioned Oil Painting

Original Photograph

Commissioned Oil Paintings

Finished Oil Painting

Here is how you can get your own commissioned painting: If you have an image ready, you can email it to cathal@artworld.ie

You may also book and appointment if you would like to discuss the project. This is especially the case if you want a large painting for a specific wall. During the appointment I will help you with ideas using suggestions from the library on laptop. To make and appointment to discuss your project click here.

We will check all the details with our artists. You will know the size, style and price before any work starts. Typically theĀ  price is a bit higher than a painting we already have, but not too much.

Your Peace of Mind Guarantee: Because ee have faith in our artists we take no deposit, and guarantee you 100% delight with your special project. You pay when the job is done to your complete satisfaction.

Oil Painter Artwold

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